Carrying to Term

Branding, Website Design, Print Collateral

A newly formed nonprofit needed a brand that could do its mission justice.

Through personal experience, Stephanie Schoonover found that there were few online resources available to help families after a prenatal diagnosis of a life-limiting condition. Wanting to offer information and support to others facing a similar prognosis, she created Carrying To Term. Name in hand, the nonprofit asked us to craft a brand identity and online presence that reflected their purpose in a positive and meaningful way.


A Visual Representation of Much-Needed Support

We needed to develop a visual brand identity that respects each woman’s individual journey. An uncomplicated, word-based logo explains exactly what the nonprofit focuses on, and a quiet, gender-neutral color palette emanates a sense of calm instead of sadness. Corporate identity print materials, including business cards, notecards and envelopes, were designed with a sense of space and simplicity that translates into “We’re here for you.”

It’s less of a website and more of a complete support system.  

Carrying To Term wanted their website to provide all of the information that a patient, friend or relative, or medical professional could need in one place. Useful, easy-to-process content, developed in tandem with care professionals and parents, fills a strategically architected design framework. We carefully chose imagery that would reduce, as much as possible, triggers of emotional distress, and created a way-finding icon system. The site’s successful structure was reflected in the rapid growth of its number of visitors — 9,500 in the second year to more than 71,000 in the third.

Education and content — along with design and high-quality appearance — is essential to our visibility as a resource in obstetrics and gynecology, and Merrygood was fundamental in helping us brand a vision that delivers impact. We would recommend them to anyone who is looking to achieve a unique and compelling brand identity to help move their organization forward.
— Stephanie Schoonover, Founder, Carrying To Term

Building an Online Birth Plan Tool

There were no comprehensive resources for creating a birth plan for a child with a life-limiting condition. Working closely with Carrying To Term, we developed an online tool that saves the mother the pain of endless research on what to include in this critical document. Step by step, the tool gently guides her through the process of outlining wishes for herself and her baby throughout pregnancy, birth, delivery and in the postpartum period. The result is a complete plan that mentally prepares families for every scenario. As important, it can be saved, downloaded and printed, so that it can be shared and followed by the mother’s care team.


Putting a Powerful Resource in Providers’ Hands

Even medical professionals have a hard time finding reliable, nondirective resources for patients following a prenatal diagnosis of a life-limiting condition. That’s why we created a one-page brochure on Carrying To Term’s resources for hospitals and pregnancy clinics to hand out, when needed. More than 8,000 brochures have been sent to 140+ providers across 36 states.   


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