Four Hands

Website Design, Internal Systems Design

How did we help take Four Hands from a $9M company to a $50M company in just three years? With one heck of a website.

Four Hands is a wholesaler and a retailer. That’s a complex story to tell. They sell high-end furniture to widely varying audiences, from wholesale buyers to interior designers to Austin-area consumers, and even discount shoppers. The problem was, the three unique websites designed for the different channels seemed to confuse more than serve. We provided a unifying solution that took the once-fragmented brand from $9M in revenue to $19M in one year — and to $50M in just two more.

Clearing an Online Path to Revenue

Multiple websites had potential Four Hands fans landing in the wrong place and leaving fast. And they were taking millions in revenue with them. Using intelligent information architecture, we designed a single dynamic website that funnels retailers, designers and consumers directly to their distinct content and conversion funnels. Audience segmentation and smart, consistently branded templates work flawlessly together to ensure only information relevant to a visitor’s wants and needs is visible.

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Wholesale Tools With Substance and Style

Four Hands wholesale members gain access to proprietary online tools designed to help them be successful. The challenge was ensuring the tools accurately represented the beautiful products and Four Hands’ commitment to the businesses selling them. We infused substance and style to Marketplace, where the wholesale members shop products and manage orders, as well as Showroom, a customer-facing space they can customize to be an extension of their own business. More than 60 collections were brought to life with everything from high-resolution silhouettes and drill-down filters to product detail magnifiers, and downloadable tear sheets. To Marketplace, we added next-level efficiencies, including an easy-to-follow check-out process, shipping and availability designators, and build and share wish lists for clients or projects.


Creativity Meets Efficiency

While Four Hands busily unearthed new style trends, costly sales and shipping inefficiencies were becoming an unwelcome standard. Savings started with smart templates that we designed to work with a custom presentation tool built by AdaptDev. The templates enabled sales teams in any location to effortlessly generate detailed presentations that are unfailingly on-brand. A redesigned catalogue system put the latest information on furniture collections, stock, pricing and more at every sales person’s fingertips. With orders growing quickly, an improved U/X design of their internal shipping system helped make it easy to cut unnecessary costs through a bird’s-eye view of where, when and how orders are delivered.

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