A Glimmer of Hope

Website Design, Donor Platform Design, Print Collateral

Not every A Glimmer of Hope supporter can go to Ethiopia. So, we brought Ethiopia to them.  

To many, Ethiopia is a faraway land full of faceless people struggling to survive extreme poverty with little possibility of progress. A Glimmer of Hope, a nonprofit that’s creating deep change in rural villages across the country through clean water, education, health care and microfinance loans, knew that telling the real story wasn’t enough. They needed a way for donors and potential donors to live it — to truly feel the impact of another life-saving project successfully unfolding and meet up close the individuals whose futures are being transformed. Through a unified series of immersive digital and print solutions, we built Glimmer an experiential brand platform that continuously cultivates deep connections and ongoing support.

Making a World Away Matter    

Glimmer is a force to be reckoned with: 10,000 projects completed and 5 million lives improved. But whose lives? Where? How? To keep existing donors engaged and draw in new ones, we created an interactive website that takes visitors on a journey from poverty to potential. Illustrated graphics, HTML animation and expert asset positioning make hope tangible and transport visitors directly to villages that used to feel a world away.


The Donor Dashboard

No wondering where the money — all 100% of it — goes. We designed an interactive donor dashboard that supporters can log into and see exactly what their dollars are helping to build. An easy-to-update map plots the location of each Glimmer project using latitude and longitude. Clicking on a village marker reveals photos and a summary of what’s been accomplished — and lays the foundation for future donations.


Systematic Outreach Success

A Glimmer of Hope has a lot of information to share in meetings with potential partners in little time. But too many leave-behinds aren’t efficient or inexpensive. To streamline their print needs, we developed a smart presentation system of comprehensive one-pagers that can be easily updated, easily mixed and matched, and easily printed. No costly one-offs. No brand-weakening deviations. Just more funds to use for more important things.    


Getting Donors to Say “Yes” to a Big Adventure

Each year A Glimmer of Hope invites select donors to visit the villages where they’re making a difference. This isn’t just some trip. It’s a life-changing opportunity that we branded “Journey to Ethiopia.” Every piece of the integrated campaign we crafted to generate excitement and convey important planning details had to be as compelling as the journey itself. From a website full of rich video and imagery to strategic emails and artfully designed print materials, including a trip planner and guidebook, we made it nearly impossible to say anything but “Yes!” to this big adventure.

Merrygood’s print and digital design has taken Glimmer’s brand to the next level. Their creative visual ideas bring to life our work in Ethiopia in a way that connects deeply with our donors and expands our impact.
— Donna Berber, Founder, A Glimmer of Hope

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