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Securing the B2B Sale

CSID is a leading provider of global identity protection and fraud detection services. When they were ready to launch their suite of customized solutions for Intuit TurboTax, Merrygood helped give it its own identity.

Identity theft prevention is a big business that moves faster than fast. So, when identity protection leader CSID sought a buyer for IDnotify, its new consumer platform, every aspect of the pitch needed to convey: “I was ready for market yesterday.” That meant creating a fully packaged, fully functioning brand that an interested business could attach its name to with confidence — and introduce to customers immediately. A sophisticated, yet straightforward visual identity and website was our strategy. IDnotify selling to credit reporting giant Experian was the result.


Locking Down the IDnotify Logo

IDnotify is a top-tier digital data protector because of its complex technology, systems and data. But consumers don’t want to understand how it all works — they just want to know that it does. That’s why we designed a fuss-free logo that conveys strength through simplicity and builds trust through clarity. Easy to understand, easy to recognize — and easy for the company buying the platform to add their own mark to it.

IDnotify’s enterprise value was big. A website built with consumers in mind made it even better.

What’s worse than having to worry about identity theft? Trying to find a solution for it on a website full of content but no answers. We helped CSID show the value of IDnotify to businesses by building a ready-to-go consumer-facing website that balances the risk of digital identity theft with a clear solution. Just enough details to inform and close a sale — but not enough to overwhelm. A practical information flow that makes for easy navigation is surrounded by a rich but grounded color palette and people-focused photography that keeps the human element of identity protection in sharp focus.

Note: CSID is now part of Experian Partner solutions.



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