Resolution Ranch

Website Design

Resolution Ranch gives troubled teens a new start. But its website needed one, too.

The minute you step foot onto the beautiful and rustic Resolution Ranch Academy in Texas, you know it’s a special place. Enveloped in nature and a nurturing atmosphere, it’s impossible not to see a brighter future for the troubled boys at this unique therapeutic boarding school. The challenge was capturing that very human feeling online for parents desperately seeking a solution they can trust. A decade-old, disorganized website lacked both emotion and information. We gave it a fresh start through comprehensive message mapping, content creation, visual storytelling, design and development.


Creating a Clear Path to Hope (and Enrollment)

Stressed — and often out-of-state — parents considering Resolution Ranch have numerous questions that add up to one big one: Can I trust this school with my child? We knew the only way to develop powerful, reassuring messaging that left nothing to the imagination was to head to the ranch. Over three immersive visits, we interviewed staff members, toured the campus and soaked up the activities and atmosphere. As a result, we were able to pair original documentary-style photography with a clear, linear story that enabled parents to understand every step of student life, from morning to night. Program details and staff information are front and center, making a tough choice for parents looking at competing schools a whole lot easier.



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