Tiff’s Treats

Website Design, Point-of-Sale Systems Design, Email Communications

Building the Ultimate Cookie Monster

Warm, fresh-from-the-oven cookies delivered directly to people’s doors — now that’s one sweet business idea. But after years of rapid success, it was time to elevate the Tiff’s Treats brand and simplify complex ordering systems. We rose to the challenge with a new website, logistical revamp and brand element solutions that helped position the company as the leaders of an innovative new food delivery concept. They’ve since landed more than $50 million in investor funding for nationwide expansion. We’ll raise a glass of milk to that!

Finding the Online Sweet Spot

Tiff's Treats wanted an online presence that better reflected the quality and rapidly evolving scale of their business. Using their logo and brand colors as a jumping-off point, we created a website that combines the personal “I made this dessert just for you” feel with a quality company that delivers (literally and figuratively) vibe. The online experience and established in-store aesthetic were seamlessly connected through a new, make-your-mouth-water photography style.





From Checkout to Kitchen, From Kitchen to Customer

Tiff’s Treats is more than delicious ingredients and the perfect slow-bake process. It’s a dynamic service unit made up of a call center, kitchens, managers, cashiers, delivery drivers and administrators. And they all have to work seamlessly together in stores and online. We considered every one of those hats to restyle their proprietary point-of-sale system that allows staff to flawlessly manage over 50 tasks in the midst of countless scenarios.

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 9.14.58 PM.png

Fulfillment All Around

The system’s efficiencies were reinforced with an anything-but-cookie-cutter receipt. Its strategic design enables every employee involved in completing a sale to identify their responsibilities at a glance. From which cookies go in which box to ensuring that add-ons for an online special aren’t left behind on a delivery run, this seemingly little document met a big need for clearer communication. A consistent but scenario-adaptable format, easily identifiable icons and highly visible special request cues help prevent fulfillment errors and shave costly time off every order.


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